Our History

Our History

Our History - Since 1917


Tommy Hoek, father of Billy Hoek, started Hoek’s Garage with the Ford Agency. The workshop which is still used today was one of three wool stores that belonged to the Barry’s


In 1926 we acquired General Motors Agency which Hoek’s Garage had until 1970

After the War, Billy Hoek joined the Business

main road

1972 – The main road was broaden and the showroom was demolished. The current building was bought.

In 1975 Billy’s eldest son, Gerrard joined the dealership (3rd Generation), after doing his technical training at General Motors in Port Elizabeth for 5 years.

Toyota Favicon

1 July 1977 acquired the Toyota Agency.

From 1980 Toyota Top Seller in the country.

Billy’s youngest son, Christopher, starts working in the workshop in 1980 and later joined the sales team.

Gerrard’s eldest son, Warren, joined the dealership in 2008, making it the 4th generation of Hoek’s.

hoeks toyota

In 2012 we upgraded the showroom.

In 2021, we transformed the old Hoek’s garage, opposite the road of the old showroom, into a new Automark showroom